Indulge in the sheer splendor of Kiri Camp, named after the mesmerizing Kiri channel that gracefully flows beside the camp. Elevated on wooden decks, this sanctuary offers an awe-inspiring vista of the mighty Kiri floodplains sprawling before your eyes. Immerse yourself in luxury tents meticulously designed to harmonize with the ebony forest enveloping the camp, where wood, canvas, and reeds form the architectural masterpiece. Kiri Camp beckons you into a world of extraordinary adventures, seamlessly blending thrilling game drives with captivating water activities. Nestled within a private concession, these excursions unveil the delta’s uncharted realms, once veiled from prying eyes. Embark on a motorboat expedition during the peak flood, as it enchants and enthralls, revealing iconic wildlife gracefully adorning the riverbanks. Glide serenely on tranquil mokoro canoes, skimming the water lilies, while immersing yourself in the wonders of the animal kingdom from an intimate water-level perspective. The Kiri region boasts remarkable biodiversity, a tapestry renowned for its enthralling lion and buffalo interactions and the presence of rare and cherished wild dog populations. Prepare to be enchanted by this unrivaled haven of natural wonders and unforgettable encounters.